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Day 084
Daily Misha
greybhan311 wrote in daily_misha
Sorry for the delay, folks! This is my first official post here at Daily Misha, and I seem to have been suffering from some mental lapses and technical difficulties. And by technical difficulties I mean that, at the moment, my brain isn't capable of comprehending "copy - paste."

At first I thought I'd do another pretty!Misha post because - honestly, c'mon - you can never see enough of pretty!Misha. Then I found a picture of Misha with a gun, and my mind was changed for me (image included behind the cut). I started looking for BAMF!Misha photos, and these were just some of my favorites:

Jacob has just shot his friend. He's very sorrowful - yet check out the hand!porn.

And finally, a picture of Misha using his greatest weapon of all.

Who would EVER try to fight something like that? I could get all gushy and let my ovaries spill everywhere about this as the sound of my biological clock ticks ever louder...

But I think this picture says it all: Misha truly is a BAMF.

Source for first graphic: Photobucket via Mikki123_02
Source for second graphic: Creator unknown - found on this forum.
Source for third photo:  Misha was so generous to share a photo like this with his fans, it can be found on Misha's Twitpic account.

If you believe the source is incorrect on this post, or if this is your image and you do not wish it to be used here, please contact the mods: dailymisha @

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Mm, that shot from Stonehenge Apocalypse is a personal fave. ;)

The pic with West makes me ovulate too (and I don't have ovaries!)

(Deleted comment)
I love me some BAMF-y, Stonehenge-y, Daddy Misha! &hearts

Ah, MAN! Why'd you have to go and put "Daddy Misha" in my head? I thought I had gotten over my daddy kink, but now... *sigh*... It's not often that I associate him with fatherhood, mainly because it's just not something frequently spoken of, but when I DO see him as Daddy Misha, it makes me want to procreate. A lot. With him.

OMG, I pulled that daddy-pic from his twitter stream months ago. It makes me extra melty because I'm a baby photographer. Why do my dads never smile like that?

Show them that pic as an example, and say, "Look like this. Trust me, your baby's mother will be VERY happy and attempt to practice conceiving with you a lot if you try to look more like this."

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