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Mm, that shot from Stonehenge Apocalypse is a personal fave. ;)

The pic with West makes me ovulate too (and I don't have ovaries!)

(Deleted comment)
I love me some BAMF-y, Stonehenge-y, Daddy Misha! &hearts

Ah, MAN! Why'd you have to go and put "Daddy Misha" in my head? I thought I had gotten over my daddy kink, but now... *sigh*... It's not often that I associate him with fatherhood, mainly because it's just not something frequently spoken of, but when I DO see him as Daddy Misha, it makes me want to procreate. A lot. With him.

OMG, I pulled that daddy-pic from his twitter stream months ago. It makes me extra melty because I'm a baby photographer. Why do my dads never smile like that?

Show them that pic as an example, and say, "Look like this. Trust me, your baby's mother will be VERY happy and attempt to practice conceiving with you a lot if you try to look more like this."

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